Super Asia MEH-30 Electric Water Heater 30 Liter – European enamel tank craft technology (2 Year Brand Warranty)

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  • Installation Method:  vertical
  • Capacity (L):  30
  • Rated power (w):  2000
  • Rated voltage (v):  220
  • Rated frequency (Hz):  50/60
  • Heating Temp Range (C):  30_75
  • Rated pressure (Mpa):  0.75
  • Dimension of The Anode  22×234
  • Net weight (kg):  14.44
  • Gross weight (kg):  16.28
  • Product Dimension D×H (mm)  340×580
  • Packing Dimension W×D×H (mm)  405×370×615
  • To provide users with a simple thermometer 27% thicker Magnesium anode, rust proof keep the tank from corrosion, ensure a longer life.
  • Prevent temperature from losing control and stop heating when there is little water.
  • Independent thermo cut-out to protect water heater from overheating.
  • The water heater is attached with safety valve for high hydraulic pressure protection.
  • European enamel tank craft technology, protects the tank from corrosion.
  • Keep the water warm and prevent heat loss for a long time and save 30% more energy than other common water heater.
  • lasting use.
  •  Prevent people from being electrocuted and avoid leakage events.


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